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The vast majority of our new business comes from referrals from our happy customers. Below are samples of why they are so comfortable recommending us to their friends:

We, including the humans, the dogs, the cats and the horses are all loving our new pet 

fence. The humans because we are not constantly chasing the dogs, the cats & horses because the dogs, Max and Erma (now 4 month old Collie puppies) are not constantly chasing them, and the dogs because they have freedom to play and run in their favorite places. Even Moose, our very large English Mastiff, likes the fence because he has learned to walk on the other side of the flags (he doesn’t have a collar – too old and lazy to go anywhere) to get away from those pesky puppies.

I highly recommend Derby’s Pet Fence to anyone thinking of confining their dog. We live on a farm and it’s allowed us to let the puppies roam in a safe area. The entire experience with Derby’s Pet Fence was professional from Steve’s first visit to the final training of the puppies and me. The training of the puppies was easyand they were running free in 7 days. The collars are light weight and don’t bother the puppies at all (you can see them in the photo) and I like not worrying about replacing expensive batteries. In fact, I like everything about the fence, the system & especially the outcome.

We are a happy dog family.

Thank you.

AJ & Joyce Bosse
Louisiville, Ky.

Thank you for the information. Installing your fence here at the farm is the best money I have ever spent.

Mary B.
Georgetown, KY

I can’t tell you how happy my husband and I are with our pet fence. It’s the best money I’ve EVER spent. Our “wild” dog from the shelter just couldn’t stay in the yard no matter how much training she’d had.

After she crossed Outer Loop twice in one run and took our other dog along for the ride, we decided to get the pet fence.

She is now able to rip and run as much as she wants. Both of our dogs can stay outside as much as they want and it doesn’t matter if I need to go inside for a little bit. Neither dog required more than two corrections. And, after we took the flags down, we still didn’t have any problems. Thank you so much for everything!

Lynne Huckleberry
Louisiville, Ky.

I purchased the Derby Fence approximately a year ago. It was installed on 19 acres of rough, wooded, and very rocky land on which our children enjoy and run. There are two labs ( one very old lady and one wild and crazy puppy), a coonhound,beagle and pompus-ass Pom. They have been contained safely being able to enjoy our land as they hunt and roam. Often they have been tempted by neighbors, horses, cars, trucks and dogs on our country road and as of yet still safe and sound.

The installation and SERVICE has been GREAT!


Joan S. Caywood D.V.M.
Lawrenceburg, KY

If you are shopping for an invisible fence for your pet, look no further. This company shows up when scheduled, does exemplary work, and backs their guarantees without question. It is easy to use and my pets trained quickly.

I highly recommend Derby’s Pet Fence.

Leslye Biller

This letter is to praise you on your patience and positive attitude on the issue of keeping my Sarplaninac and Geat Pyrnees on my property. I love my dogs and the fear of loosing them and there constant escaping in all different directions was making me a nervous wreck, along with being late for work. I believe that when the 1st, 2nd and 3rd solution we tried failed, you truly did work at this till we now, “praise the Lord” have them confined. I have faith in you and your product and I have had peace of mind the last few days. Thank you.

I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen. These breeds are notorious for wandering and showing up at the rescue centers because they don’t stay put. I do believe that you have accomplished this. I love that you are local and not national, I believe our relationship has become more of a friend than just a client. I also love that if something goes wrong after normal business hours, I can reach you. Your pricing beats everyone out there and I have had expense and experience with one of the national companies. Again, Thank you!

Thank you Steve,

Cindy D.
Simpsonville, KY

We’re totally thrilled with the way the Bears (since they’re all named after a Chicago Bear, it’s easier to lump them all together…they don’t mind) have adapted to their new safe environment. We’ve marveled at the deer and rabbits that have been in our front yard, unable to get any Bear to chase them. They bark and stare and jump up and down…but they don’t cross the line…amazing.

I ran into our friend Steve Taylor (a professional dog trainer) a few weeks back and I told him about our new fence and how I was tempted to call him to come over and help me, but was determined to do it on my own. He asked me where we got our fence, and when I told him, he said that you were the only one he would have recommended to us, so again, I was thankful Jeff found you.

We went out of town Memorial Weekend, and loved coming home to the sight of all three of them hanging out on the front porch, content and happy.

I truly can’t thank you enough!

If I can ever endorse you guys, especially if you have someone with more than one dog and different age dogs I would be happy to share with them how well it’s worked for us.



Kelly Moore
Finchville, KY

After having been an Invisible Fence client for 14 years we switched to Derby’s Pet Fence. The primary reason was service. We came home from work one day to find the fence out. Plumbers installing the new water line had cut the wire. I tried to contact Invisible Fence only to find the technician had gone for the day. After several attempts, we just weren’t able to connect with anyone to schedule a service call.

At this juncture I called Derby’s Pet Fence. Steve responded immediately (on a rainy Friday evening) repairing the broken wire that very night. Needless to say when lightening struck the ground shorting out the transmission and battery boxes on the Invisible Fence system, I called Derby’s. Once again, Steve was there that very night and we replaced the system with Derby’s Pet Fence.

The dogs are safe and we no longer have to purchase batteries at almost $20.00 each. From Jack and Jill (the dogs) as well as me, thank you, Steve and you too, Derby!

Pat Creeden
Finchville, KY

Hello Derby’s Pet Fence!! We just wanted to send an update on Izze’s progress. We have no clue what we did before the fence and we could not be happier. Her freedom seems to be expanded and her attitude outside is finally enjoyable! Your staff showed the utmost professionalism and we would recommend you to anyone. Special thanks from the Rice family and most especially, Izze!

Again, many thanks,

Amy, Corey, Kaden & Izze
Lake Forest, KY

In December, my wife Carole and I added “Tango”, a rescued Shepherd mix from The Shamrock Foundation. We live on a four acre wooded property in Oldham County along a rather busy street with heavy woods bordering us. Wildlife are frequent visitors to our area.

We received quotes from several other companies to enclose our property with electronic pet fencing, but Steve at Derby’s Pet Fence was the most knowledgeable, most financially reasonable, and he appeared sincerely committed to providing a protective fence that has proven to be most effective. He also made a generous financial contribution to The Shamrock Foundation in Tango’s name.

Steve provided on site training to Tango and me that was informative and effective. The information and training material provided assistance so I could better understand the workings of the product I purchased. By following the step by step, activities outlined in the material, Tango is enjoying the full range of environmental adventures that our rural property possesses. My family and I have peace of mind that when Tango is outdoors he is safe.

Joe and Carole Liedtke
LaGrange, KY

When it came time to get an underground fence I used DERBY’S PET FENCE. I had some clients use them and they were very pleased with the service. I did quite a bit of research into the different products on the market. The products that DERBY’S PET FENCE use have some nice features that others do not offer. When they came out and did the installation I was very happy with the professional work they did. Add to this that they are much more affordable than most underground fence companies and you just can’t beat it.

Joe Sherrard
One On One Dog Training

When I had a fence from one of the big name pet fence companies, and thankfully, it only took me a year to realize what I was missing. I had a collar stop working because my dogs love to play in the water. And, my newest addition loves to lay down in the puppy pool. I knew something had to give. So, when I found out about Derby’s Pet Fence, it was a no brainer. Not only are the collars WATERPROOF and not just water resistant like my old ones, they don’t require batteries! I can’t believe how much I am saving by not having to buy expensive batteries for the next 10+ years! In today’s economy, who wouldn’t want to save money?

I must say that my absolute favorite feature is that Derby’s Pet Fence has a collar that blinks to show it’s working! The other company only had a collar that showed when the batteries were dying, but that didn’t even tell me when the collar died from water damage! Derby’s Pet Fence has a constant green blinking light to assure me that it’s working and my dogs will be safe and sound in my yard.

I couldn’t be happier with the switch I made. In a matter of minutes, I was switched over to a better system that I feel will protect my dogs better than what I had before. Whether I call or e-mail, Steve’s quick to answer any questions and is there seven days a week to make sure my pets stay safe. Thanks Steve and keep fighting the good fight! All dogs deserve the freedom mine have.

Michelle Kersey (And Daphney and Zoey say thanks too! They get to keep their puppy pool!)
Taylorsville, KY

…you know my dogs have enjoyed it tremendously! Especially the part where they got to go into the spring fed pond. CeCeBelle even went in a few weeks ago when it was warm one day…my home phone # is 895-3021. Feel free to give me as a reference.

Norma Jeanne Tandy

You were great, affordable, polite efficient and a joy to work with and not only that you patiently answered all my questions, trained me and my dog how to use the fence properly without traumatizing the dog. In short our experience with you was a pleasure..thank you thank you…and our dog Pip is well adjusted and happy.

all the best,

My Derby’s Pet Fence is great! It has worked as advertised and it has made taking care of my German Shepherd Dog much easier. Before installing the Derby’s Pet Fence our dog, Nikita, ran away whenever she felt like it, which worried us terribly. We live in the country and we had no idea where she would run off to. Now we are able to let her out, secure in knowing that she is safely contained in her own yard.

During the installation process Steve thoroughly explained how the system worked and what it was going to take to accustom Nikita to it. During the training period we had some questions and Steve was prompt in returning our calls. Steve has even stopped by and checked on Nikita to be sure we are being successful in the training process. We are thinking about getting another dog now because our Derby’s Pet Fence has made our lives much easier.

Thanks Steve,

Joe and Kim
Taylorsville, KY

I had used another underground fence company for many years until I realized that ‘service’ was just not a part of what that company had to offer. Last year I had my fencing upgraded by Derby’s Pet Fence. They were easy to work with and eager to help me achieve the results I wanted. They have checked back with me every 6 months or so to assure that my fence is working properly. I definitely recommend Derby’s!

Shelbyville, KY

Derby’s Pet Fence did a great job of working with us during the installation and training of our dog Wilson. Unfortunately, we had several very unusual circumstances that prevented an underground fence from being the best option for us. I have to say, Derby’s was true to their word and gladly gave us a full refund of everything (including their labor).

Allthough it wasn’t right for our situation my wife and I were very pleased and we plan to refer others to Derby’s Pet Fence.

Charles and Michelle Hopmann
Prospect, KY

I am truly amazed at how well Derby’s Pet Fence works. My son received a Siberian Husky, Ursula, and we were worried about how we would let her outside , not on a leash. I talked to many people, posted on pet forums, etc and was told by everyone that an invisible fence would not contain a Siberian Husky. I researched them and found Derby’s and when I read [Derby’s] guarantee I thought “What do I really have to lose?”I called Steve and had my fence installed.

Ursula took about 3 weeks to train and even when my son was comfortable with it, I would not let her out unsupervised. Well here it is a few months later and Ursula plays outside the majority of the day…UNSUPERVISED!! She has never gone outside her boundary lines, nor has she tried even with many distractions. I am absolutely amazed at how well Derby’s Fence works and would strongly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks Steve for making me feel safe enough to let Ursula outside without worries!!

Angie, Josh and Ursula
Shelbyville, KY

When it was time to get an underground fence system for our dog Cody I talked with many companies which provided quotes with description and details of the work to be performed as well as the systems used. All the companies were very similar, however Derby’s Pet Fence stood out from the others. Their competitive pricing along with the options of the products offered gave us a clear choice of the company we should go with. While our requirements were not simple, Steve understood exactly what was needed and did a very professional installation tailoring the system to our needs and giving Cody the space he needed. Steve’s passion for a professional installation and giving the training needed on how to use the system along with following up a few days later, it was clear we made the right choice. Derby’s Pet Fence is the best.

Patrick and Pam

I Love My Underground Fence

A couple years ago my Basset Hound, Maddie, was hit by a car and killed. This was devastating, my heart was broken and I cried like a baby.

We live on 26 acres approximately 1/2 mile off the road and I didn’t think she would ever go down to the road. Maddie was like our child. We still have three Bassets, including a young trouble-maker named Lola. One day, Lola decided to teach the other two about the joys of roaming the countryside. Everyday when I drove home from work I found myself looking in the ditch and on the road to see if one of them had been hit. My neighbors started calling me when they saw them and sometimes they would bring them home. Not only were they worrying me they were bothering my neighbors. Out of desperation, I found myself keeping them in our outdoor kennel or tied up in the yard. What a shame they weren’t able to enjoy our place in the county.

After a few months, I decided to call Steve at Derby’s Pet Fence Company. Steve was very prompt at coming out to give me an estimate and my underground fence was installed within the week. He showed me how to train my dogs, was very thorough and said I could call him with any questions and I did. It took me about 7 days to train all 3 of them. It has worked beautifully. It has been such a relief knowing they are safe.

It has been about 6 months and my husband and I both agree it was a great investment. We love our dogs and now we don’t have to worry about them. Since the underground fence was installed our dog’s behavior is much better as they get more exercise and enjoy their freedom.

I would highly recommend Derby’s Pet Fence Company. He was very reasonably priced, did excellent work and he will call me back when I have questions. Please email me if you would like to ask me additional questions.

Melva Hill
Shelbyville Kentucky

Dear Derby’s Pet Fence

We LOVE our fence that you installed. We adopted our Beagle/Bassett mix, Chance, right before Christmas from the Animal Care Society on Westport Road. They almost didn’t approve us as an adoptive family for him, because our yard wasn’t fenced. He had been adopted and returned twice before we met him. His first two families had nowhere for him to run, and they couldn’t deal with his energy level. We told them at the shelter that we were planning on getting an invisible fence. They turned up their noses at the idea. Considering his breed and energy level, they didn’t think it could contain him. They did, however, give us your name and number and suggested we discuss our options with you. We decided, after talking to you, to go ahead with our plan. They, with great reservations, approved us as Chance’s third adoptive family.

Two weeks after the fence was installed, I happily called the shelter to report on how well Chance was doing with the fence. When I get home from work, I let him out and he runs his heart out until dark, comes in, eats dinner then collapses! We, Chance included, couldn’t be happier with our Derby’s Pet Fence.

Thank you,
Chance’s family

We have two extremely high energy beagles that we keep as house dogs. Their need to have more room to run and play and our need have a little more sanity prompted us to look into an underground fence. We chose Derby’s because they have a great guarantee and we have several neighbors that have used them. My wife had her reservations about being able to train and contain our intense dogs. After working with Derby’s I know I made a great choice. Our dogs were challenging to train given their high strung nature and the fact that there were two of them. They tested and pushed their boundaries every step of the way, but Derby’s helped at every turn until we finally had them trained. Flash and Dash are still two of the most intense beagles that you’ll ever meet, but now they are also the happiest beagles around. You should see a beagle smile after chasing his brother around the yard for an hour.

Many thanks to Derby’s for their great service and support. I would recommend them to anyone who has a dog.

Shelbyville, Ky.

We had a Pet Stop underground fence for several years. Whether it was the battery going dead on the collar without us knowing it or some other problem, our German Shepard Luke would figure it out before we did and get out of our yard. I guess the 15 acre park behind our home is to much temptation.

It has been 2 months since we had Steve with Derby’s Pet Fence install his system. I love the waterproof collar with the rechargeable battery that indicates it is working by a flashing LED. Steve provided a comprehensive training regimen that we followed for 2 weeks and I am proud to say that Luke has had no further unsupervised forays into the park.

The joggers in my neighborhood are much happier, I have my peace of mind back, and best of all I haven’t heard my wife ask me where the dog is anymore.

Thanks Steve for the great product and the professional way you manage your company.

Lousiville, Ky.

We recently moved to a neighborhood that had standard fencing requirements. After pricing the required fencing at around $22 per foot (would need approx. 300 ft), I researched electric fencing and called Steve at Derby’s pet Fence.

Steve was very informative over the phone and even came by the same week to meet with us. I explained our biggest concern was if the collar would work through our Old English Sheepdog, Chip’s, thick hair. It did, and we love the fact that Chip can wander around the front and back yard without worry.

We would gladly recommend Steve to anyone, even those with hairy, rambunctious dog’s like Chip.

No Worries!!!

Clay Parish
Louisville, Ky.

As I read the testimonials already posted, I can see that my husband and I were not the only one’s at a loss with our two very beloved beagle babies, Maggie and Lisa. Their safety was our number one concern when we got them when they were just 7 weeks of age. We tried absolutely everything in our whole arsenal of ways to keep them in our yard. We do have a privacy fence around the backyard, however, it took them only mere seconds to escape at any given point and be gone from our block before we noticed they were gone. Mind you, this was probably in all of a total of 5 minutes each time from escape to capture.

As Steve knows from our yard, we tried just about everything. My husband and I laid rocks of all kind along the bottom of our fence. When they figured out how to move them, I painstakingly stapled chicken wire to the bottom of our fence one day and thought there is no way in this world these girls were leaving the yard. My husband thought I was absolutely nuts for doing it. To me, this was it. I outsmarted the beagles. Much to my dismay, they learned to conquer moving the rocks and the chicken wire.

At long last, we decided to break down and get the [electronic pet fencing] around our yard. I can not say how much of a relief it is to know that they can go outside and play and not think twice about attempting to get out. We finally have “peace of mind” knowing that our girls are safely inside our yard. Now that fall is coming, they are looking forward to spending many hours outside playing amongst themselves before coming in for bed at night; and my husband and I can spend quality time inside knowing that our baby girls are safely outside. Not to mention we hear them constantly!!!!

Thanking you for more than you’ll ever know,
Natalie and Jonathan Bronson
Jeffersonville, Indiana

I am writing you today to let you know that your product is fantastic. I had heard from many people that Siberian Huskies could not be contained by an underground fence product, but I am here to tell you that after 4 months that MOX and Shena have been successfully contained. Even with the temptation of deer and all the other animals on our property, they have not gotten through the fence boundary since the completion of your training program. I did however have to work longer with MOX than the program stated but Shena caught on in just a few days.

Just thought you would like to know that we are very happy with your product and would recommend it any time

Todd and Megan Atherton

My husband and I got the dog of his dreams (a Dogo Argentino) right after Christmas. When we picked Bella up, she was 10 weeks old and about 20 pounds. She was growing quickly and the older and bigger she got, the more she wanted to run around and play. (She is now 6 months old and about 55 pounds.) With no fence around the property, I couldn’t just let her out the door. I tried taking her on walks to help her release some of that energy, but it barely helped. She got very hyper most afternoons, and it was making me crazy. You could tell she wanted to run free and play wild, but I couldn’t let her. Also, I work from home, and I was finding it very difficult to get much work done because she demanded so much of my attention. I could put her out on our gated deck, but between the cold weather and her short attention span, I was up and down letting her in and out all day.

On one of our walks, I saw the Derby’s Pet Fence sign in a neighbors yard. So, my husband and I went online to check out the company. The underground fence sounded like a good idea and between the testimonials and the guarantee, we decided it was worth a shot. We had it installed mid-February. I couldn’t hear the beeping warning when Bella got near the border, but with the help of the flags, I tried to train her as I had been shown. She seems to be a little slow in the housebreaking department, so we were a little concerned about how well she would do with the fence, but we took our time with it and didn’t rush things. She got zapped a couple times once she was off-leash, but overall she has been doing pretty well in figuring out where she can and can’t go.

Just recently Bella passed a few tests. I was able to walk out to the mailbox and she stayed up in the yard and didn’t try to follow me. The neighbor’s dog came out and she didn’t try to go next door to meet him. And then just yesterday another neighbor brought her dog across the cul-de-sac to visit with Bella. Although Bella was very excited, she didn’t run out and greet them. She stayed in the yard. Now, she is allowed to go out several times a day by herself. And we are starting to remove the flags. Of course, she likes it better when one of us goes out there to run around and play with her, but knowing that I can let her go outside on her own while I get my work done has been absolutely wonderful. And she loves exploring the woods behind our house, which we were able to include in the fencing area. I still check on her now and then, but it is not nearly as distracting. Plus, when she comes inside, she is wiped out and takes a nap. Bella and I are both much happier these days.

Thanks so much Derby’s
Nina and Bart

When our setter Macgillicuddy was hit by a car a week before we had arranged to have the fence installed, we knew the [electronic pet fencing] was essential. It has saved his life every day he gallops from end to end of our acre and a half.

Steve and his Derby’s Pet Fence explained the simple training that is required to make sure the fence is effective, and his assistant installed the fence over some fairly complicated terrain. We have been delighted with Mick’s freedom and ours.

Yesterday my husband came in heavyhearted. He had lost Mick’s collar because we forgot to remove it before taken Mick to doggy day care. We called Steve and he was ready to find us a replacement collar the next day. Happily I later found the collar on the floor of the back seat where Buddy had dropped it while exiting Mick from the car.

This is one business we would recommend to anyone who has an active, wandering or basically a normal dog!

Mary, Vincent, and Buddy Breeck

Derby’s Pet Fence did an outstanding job installing our underground fence. Several months after installation we installed an in-ground pool. Our line was cut during the process. Derby’s Pet Fence came out and fixed the line immediately as they said they would in their 1-year guarantee. We would refer them to anyone.

Shelly Kilibarda
Crestwood KY

We cannot say enough good things about our pet fence. Zoe loves to be outdoors and spends many hours playing in the yard unsupervised. Three of our four children live in the Cincinnati area and we often take day trips there, leaving Zoe at home in our yard. We have the peace of mind knowing that she will be waiting for us safely when we return.

Wanda Stivers

I just wanted to leave a message that although this was the 1st time I used this service I had my doubts not because of the product but because of my age and physical disabilities. Although I got off on a slow start I was amazed of how easy it was when I followed the training.

Tick has a lot of energy and strength but after 3 corrections and 2 warnings, Tick now has the run of the property & is purely enjoying his space while knowing his limitations. After researching the Pet Fence it was clear your reputation and the rechargeable Collar, it was one of the smartest and best decisions I’ve made concerning the many dogs I’ve owned.

If someone is holding back because they are elderly or they have disabilities, I’m here to tell them think again. Patience and following the training works and the benefits for their loved pets couldn’t be greater. I’m including a picture of Tick, he is one happy dog.

Larry G & Linda House

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